Chapel Hill Taxicab & Limo  Service began its business operations in September 2006.  We started out with one taxi in our fleet. Even though our fleet was small, we were determined to be the most elite transportation service in our region.  We worked hard to stand out among all of the transportation companies and we strive to be the absolute best.  After a great deal of hard work, we began to expand our fleet and are proud to be able to provide the most exclusive transportation services that our region has to offer.

taxi chapel hill cab

We only have the most comfortable and dependable vehicles in our fleet.  We provide nothing less than first class, safe vehicles to ensure that each customer has the greatest transportation experience.

Throughout 2009 and 2010, we continued to hold to the highest standards and make a very decent reputation for ourselves and our company.  In 2012, our fleet has grown to include 11 well-maintenaned, comfortable vehicles – equipped with spacious seating and Wi-Fi internet services for the convenience of our customers.  Our clean and spacious 7-passenger vans are equipped with temperature control and services that are sure to accommodate passengers traveling alone as well as group travelers. We are planning to implement 15-passenger vehicles in the near future to accommodate big groups as well.

Our service is reasonably affordable and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide each customer the most safe, professional, and comfortable traveling experience that they can find in our region. We believe that once a customer uses our service, they will want to continue to use our service in the future. We employ the best. We give our best. We are the best.